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Providing dependable off-grid power for larger electrical loads

Mission-Critical Applications need Reliable Off-grid Power, to increase Security and Reduce Data Loss

RPaaS makes using Fuel Cell Battery Chargers easy and affordable

New low LiFEPO4 Battery Pricing

Fuel Cell Battery Chargers

Outdoor Enclosures

Solar/Wind Chargers

Remote & Onsite Services

This is What We Do

We Offer

Sirius Integrator designs customized and turnkey standalone and hybrid fuel cell system off-grid solutions.  They supply power for mission-critical remote applications for months of unattended time in the field. Batteries are recharged and fuel cells start and stop automatically based on voltage levels.

Core Features of Fuel Cell Battery-Chargers

Simple to use and Maintenance Free


Sirius integrator offers direct and reformed Methanol, Propane, and Natural Gas fueled off-grid generators that keep your applications running for very long periods of unattended time.

  • Green Emissions Free
  • Quiet Operation
  • Harsh Weather Ready
  • Fuel Efficient
  • 12v or 24v charging
  • Lead Acid or LiFE PO4 Batteries
  • Outdoor Ready
  • Mobile or Stationary
  • Remote Management
  • Hybrid Configurations

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